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Breastfeeding Evangelists

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babytalk magazine Oct. 19th, 2006 @ 04:45 pm
A while back someone posted (I believe it was in this community) about how some people got offended by babytalk magazine for having a picture of a baby breastfeeding on the cover. The magazine got a lot of shit for that cover picture - but instead of backing down they asked their readers to send in their own breastfeeding pictures! Well, a girl I'm good friends with and have been since high school sent in a picture of her daughter BFing and the picture made it in the November 2006 issue that came out this week. She's the baby at the boob throwing up a peace sign! It's an awesome breastfeeding picture, and I'm really proud that babytalk magazine has the courage to stand up about this issue rather then backing down and apologizing for offending some idiots. (Sorry, but anyone who would get offended by seeing a child use a boob for what it was intended by nature is a friggin' IDIOT!)

Just wanted to share that. That is all. Thanks.

Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 09:39 am
I thought you all would enjoy today's Clear Blue Water

Image hosting by Photobucket

Dec. 30th, 2005 @ 08:29 pm
What do you do when her diaper is clean, but your baby is crying as you're feeding her?


feritility questions Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 10:28 am
I know it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding.
I also it is possible to get pregnant while on the pill.

I am breastfeeding my son who is 2 1/2 months old. I am on the birth control pill Micronor (sp?) which is safe for breastfeeding. About 6 weeks (a little less) after my son was born and about a week and a half after I started taking the BC pills I got my period back. I know it wasn't post partum bleeding because it came along with chocolate cravings and the usual period symptoms. I have skipped my period this month (or its late) and I know usually when you are breastfeeding you don't get your period. So for me to not get my period while breastfeeding isn't something I'd really think twice about. But I have the concern of getting pregnant again. Call it instinct or intuition if you will, but it's the same way I knew before I actually concieved my kids that I was going to get pregnant. I am trying not to, hence the BC pills.

My questions are -
1. do you know how likely it is to get pregnant while BFing AND being on BC? Has this happened to anyone who might be reading this?
2. and since it is possible to get pg while BFing, if you are not getting regular periods what is the most obvious sign that you are pregnant?
3. isn't it true that when you are pregnant you shouldn't BF? Why is this?

Additionally, if anyone has any good links or knows of any good websites which might have some information on this I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

Introduction Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 05:41 pm
Evidently there are some questions I'm supposed to answer to introduce myself. I didn't see them on the user info page, but I copied them from some people who posted before me.

Name: Jennifer

Place: Albany, CA (just north of Berkeley)

Kids/Babies: One girl, Kaitlin, two months old

Brief description of BFing experience: A bit rocky. She lost 9% of her body weight by the time she was three days old so they wanted me to suppliment her with formula "until my milk came in". We closely monitored her weight gain, and on exclusive breastfeeding she was only gaining 3 oz per week so we were back to supplimenting. Three ounces a day wasn't enough, so we moved up to 6 ounces given by bottle on the advice of my LC. She finally gained 6 ounces in a week so we decided that was the amount to stick with. The amount of formula she took each day slowly creeped up to 10, so I decided it was time to nip that in the bud and bought an SNS. We're now down to 5-6 ounces per day and she's doing great.

Why you joined bf_evangelists: I can always use some more support and another perspective, and I really like the philosophy in your user info.

Any questions for the group? I can't think of any right now, but rest assured, I will come when I have them.

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Other entries
» period?
Hi. I'm new. My name is Jackie. I'm 23. I have twin boys that are 2 and a newborn. I need to ask about something...

I gave birth to Lucas on the 1st of October. We started breastfeeding right away (there is no formula or bottles in my home even on "stand by" and I am not pumping at all right now either). I remember with my twins I didn't get my period back until after 4 months (we were not exclusively breastfeeding though). After Lucas was born I had post partum bleeding for about two and a half weeks. Then it stopped. Four weeks after his birth I started taking the birth control pill that the midwife prescribed to me that is BF safe. I started taking that Sunday night. Now yesterday I noticed there was a little blood in my panties and when I wiped. Then it went away. Last night I was craving chocolate big time, but wasn't feeling bitchy or anything and then this morning I notice more blood, which is darker in color and more like period blood would be, but I thought when breastfeeding you don't get your period??? If it's not my period then I think I should probably call my midwife, but if it is my period there is nothing to worry about. I'm just a little confused on this...
» intro
Name: Holli
Place: NH
Kids/Babies: In 5 weeks give or take Liam Korben should be born!
Brief description of BFing experience: Have yet to have one.
Why you joined bf_evangelists: I wanted a place that I could go to without feeling judged or pressured to do what others wanted me to do. Also I want a place where I can just ask quick questions or get lots of info when my other breast feeding friends are busy (as they both have very small babies that need lots of attention still)
Any questions for the group? Umm as of right now nope! But I'm sure in the next coming weeks I'll have plenty!

Thank you for creating such a open and positive community. =) No idea how its appreciated.
» (No Subject)
Hi all. A little update. I weaned from pumping last month and we started in on the frozen milk a couple of weeks ago. When I began Exclusively Pumping, I was taking Paxil. Natalie was only a few weeks old and couldn't hold up her head or sit up and she didn't reach out for toys or anything. She hardly moved at all, but she did occasionally have a "tremor" or a shiver. As you might recall, she was diagnosed with a kidney disorder at 8 weeks old, and one of the symptoms was "tremor" so I never gave it any other thought. I weaned from Paxil in May.

When we started into the frozen milk, we got into the Paxil-mingled milk almost right away. Last Tuesday, Natalie started having "seizures" (we don't actually know what they are yet). Natalie is scheduled for a 23 hour EEG this coming Sunday. In the meantime, we decided to perform an experiment, and we've taken Natalie off the Paxil-milk on Sunday. We believe the seizures are less severe and less frequent than they were just a few days ago. Natalie had a Nephrology appointment today and I discussed this with her doctor and he shared a story with me.

Earlier this year he saw a baby that was having really high creatinine levels in his blood. While they were treating him, they told his mother that if he should need any pain medication, to give him Tylenol, not Advil, because Advil would make it worse. (Natalie takes Indomethacin, a prostiglandin blocker (anti-inflammatory), like Advil, for her kidney disorder). The mother told him that she had been taking Motrin while breastfeeding. He told her to stop to see if it would change anything.. Guess what, the baby's creatinine levels went back to normal. I didn't get all the details, so I can't tell you what symptoms the baby had, but the Motrin was too much for his young kidneys. I don't know if he was premature, I don't know how long the mom was taking Motrin, or what dosage. The point is, drugs are excreted in breastmilk and we don't know what the effect will be because every baby is different. Dr. Hale doesn't have exhaustive knowledge on the matter. Be CAREFUL!

BTW, Natalie seems to be having less of these seizures since we stopped the Paxil-milk. Maybe we're just seeing what we want to see, but she actually seems 50% better than last night.
» (No Subject)
I don't know that I ever wrote an introduction.

Tenzin is our (currently) 12 month old kiddo. We had a hard time at first. I'm at work full time and my husband Brian stays at home with Tenzin. Brian brings him to see me every lunch break. I pump in the morning using a pump that katieshy has loaned me for the past year. The doctor at his year checkup said to keep BF because it's very good, but that he was "falling off his growth chart" so feed him a bit more food.
» (No Subject)
Name: janaya
Place: suburb of seattle, right down the road from the "evil empire"
Kids/Babies: avery, 3.5 months
Brief description of BFing experience: I've had a much more challenging journey than I expected.  I'm thankful I did so much research while still pregnant so that I'm better equiped to fight off medical professionals who regularly ask "why don't you just give this baby formula?"  And just because he had tongue-tie issues at birth and has needed some help learning to suck properly, he's grown at a slower rate than the formula charts say he should, so therefore he's Failing to Thrive.  Such bull.  :/
Why you joined bf_evangelists: I need all the support I can get.  Plus, I'm not crazy about the connontations of "nazi," even though I am incredibly passionate about breastfeeding as a birthright, I still struggle with, "but, the Nazis were BAD people." 
*edit* i like the boob nazis on LJ, i just am hesitant to identify myself that way, because of the historical context of the word.*
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