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bf_evangelists's Journal

Breastfeeding Evangelists
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The Evangelistic Breastfeeding Community

"Not-So-Nazi Militant Breastfeeders"

The Evangelistic Breatfeeder: Do you give new moms and moms-to-be unsolicited advice about breastfeeding? Do you find yourself willing to do ANYTHING to help a new mom breastfeed? Do you also feel that pushing too hard is counterproductive and only turns people off to your way of thinking? Then you are what we like to call an "Evangelistic Breastfeeder!" This community is for you and anyone who wants our assistance or advice.

The Advice Seeker: Do you find yourself wishing there was a place where you could come and ask questions about breastfeeding and not feel condemned for not being sure? Do you want a friendly place to ask advice and get some informative answers? Then you're looking for the Breastfeeding Evangelists. We are not completely unbiased, but we will try our best to keep our discussions supportive. This is your child. Nobody can make your decisions for you. We are here to inform and support people who ask for our guidance.

Hereafter we may be referred to as "BFE" ;)


Rules & Goals

*We are not against Boob Nazis! NO bashing of Boob_Nazis will be tolerated.

*We do not allow Mother-bashing in any form or for any reason.

*We do feel that there is a need to acknowledge the gray area impacting people's decisions. We do not believe that breastfeeding should be a choice, but we also believe that putting down another mother for disagreeing with us only leads to animosity, anger and resentment. First and foremost, we hope to inform and help people who need support.

*Feel free to share your experiences and concerns--it is always important to discuss breastfeeding issues and information with others.

*People who know nothing about breastfeeding are welcome, but please enter with an open and un-flaming mind. Flamers will be banned.

*By posting in this community you are soliciting our advice or you are offering it up. If you don't like what you read, please disagree in a civilized manner or quietly leave.

*We will NOT accept early weaning or supplementation with formula lightly, so expect to be advised every way possible to continue your exclusive nursing relationship.

Agree to Disagree

Disagreements = OK
Drama = Unwanted

*Do not attack each other. BEFORE you post a message that is intended to embarrass, humiliate or harass another person or group of people, stop and THINK first! Harassing communication is deemed as any words that may cause distress, embarrassment, unwanted attention or other discomfort.

*Please remember to agree to disagree. What is good for one may very well not be the answer for another. Please stay on-topic. Providing your opinion should not result in disparaging remarks or religious discussions, or one-upsmanship over who has the most education. NO one is an expert on what is appropriate for someone else. Even if you disagree with an idea, it still may be the solution for others. If you disagree with a person's post or opinion state your opinion, then move on before making it an argument. Agree to disagree, agreeably. If a member asks for support only, please respect the request; do not reply with contradictory comments.

*Drama starters (trolls) will be banned without warning.

Off topic posts/Advertizing

Please ask before posting off topic, ex: community advertizing. If you haven't recieved permission, unsolicited posts or posts that offer/request information or any kind of off-board contact information, for any purpose, will be removed and will lead to banning.


If you have a minute, please introduce youreself! Use your own words, or use the questions in THIS POST to get started. :)

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about the community...

~Thank you for being here!