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Aug. 5th, 2005 @ 09:29 am
Name: janaya
Place: suburb of seattle, right down the road from the "evil empire"
Kids/Babies: avery, 3.5 months
Brief description of BFing experience: I've had a much more challenging journey than I expected.  I'm thankful I did so much research while still pregnant so that I'm better equiped to fight off medical professionals who regularly ask "why don't you just give this baby formula?"  And just because he had tongue-tie issues at birth and has needed some help learning to suck properly, he's grown at a slower rate than the formula charts say he should, so therefore he's Failing to Thrive.  Such bull.  :/
Why you joined bf_evangelists: I need all the support I can get.  Plus, I'm not crazy about the connontations of "nazi," even though I am incredibly passionate about breastfeeding as a birthright, I still struggle with, "but, the Nazis were BAD people." 
*edit* i like the boob nazis on LJ, i just am hesitant to identify myself that way, because of the historical context of the word.*

Intro Aug. 5th, 2005 @ 08:00 am
Name: Ariana
Place: Los Angeles, CA
Kids/Babies: William, 5 (nursed until he was 32 months) and James, 2 still nursing
Brief description of BFing experience: I had a c-section with William and had a really hard time getting started on nursing. He lost too much weight, we had to visit the ped, the hospital, the LC so many times, but eventually we turned it around and he nursed for a good long time after that, through the first trimester of my second pregnancy. With James it was so so easy. He was born, he nursed and he hasn't stopped yet. If you want you can read my nursing story HERE. It is long though!
Why you joined bf_evangelists: I love to be anywhere there are breastfeeding mommas! I got a lot of help online when I had problems nursing and I like to give back a little bit.

GOT A MINUTE? Aug. 4th, 2005 @ 09:45 pm
I just noticed that this little community is growing and was hoping to solicit some intros from those who haven't yet. :) Nothing complicated or extensive, just something like:

Brief description of BFing experience:
Why you joined bf_evangelists:
Any questions for the group?
Of course, we'd love for you to add NURSING PICS! Or any pics in general-- under a cut if they're large or many, please. :D

Also, please feel free to post information or new research about breastfeeding in the community, and share any positive or negative experiences you might have with BFing either in public or not.

Thanks everyone!

Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 05:33 pm
This post is from the point of view of Tenzin, the baby:

I'm 10 months old today and I am still breastfeeding but I eat food now too.

Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 03:54 pm
Intro post

Hi I'm Victoria 24 and mom to two kids. Dylan 3 and Lily 4 months. My son was FF but I am currently breastfeeding my daughter. I posted in another community about some problems I have been having and was told that you ladys could help. So I Cross-posted it here.
I need some helpCollapse )
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I imagine that at least a few of the members here are also members of LaLeche League. I was thinking about checking it out but am not sure what to expect.

I only nursed my oldest child for 10 months, I know a little more about breastfeeding now and plan on nursing my daughter until she self-weans. It would be nice to have some real life support as most of my friends and family thought I nursed my son too long, wait until they see me nursing a toddler!

Do they do lessons, or is it more of an informal visiting kind of thing? How hardcore are they? Am I going to get blasted for not nursing my son long enough? I'm very shy so I want a feel for it before I jump in.
» Jumping back in...
Hey y’all! After some review and thought, this community might be better for me than the other. I have no criticism or major philosophical differences with BN, I just need a little lighter attitude right now.

I’m a 36 year-old mom of a 3 year-old boy. About a week ago, we left his dad for a better life. He self-weaned (the Kid, that is) very cleanly almost a year ago, but now (I guess due to the stress and confusion of the separation), he’s reaching for the boob again. I told him gently there wasn’t anything to eat there, but I didn’t stop him. I think it helped both of us.

Do you think there is any down side to this?
» Intro and Good News
Hi everyone, I'm Laura. I'm a SAHM to Samuel who is 16 months old. In grad school (while pregnant)I took a human immunology course and was really impressed by the importance of breastfeeding at least for the first year while a babies immune system is not yet fully functional. A year has come and gone and I'm still happy nursing my little guy.

I'm used to thinking of the word "evangelist" in a different context from how we are using it here. The more I've thought about it, the more I've realized its not too far off. An evangelist is someone who tells good news and breastfeeding is good news!

Breastfeeding is good news for babies
Do you want your baby to be as healthy as he or she can? Then breastfeed!

Breastfeeding is good news for women
If someone offered you a pill that would protect you against breast, uterine and ovarian cancer while decreasing your risk of osteoporosis would you take it? What if the same thing would let you safely burn several hundred calories a day while sitting down and not moving? Sorry there isn't a pill but breastfeeding your baby provide you all these benefits.

Additionally, I would assert that breastfeeding is empowering to women. We all know that women's bodies are used to sell all kinds of goods and services. But breastfeeding demonstrates that women's bodies are functional not merely decorative. And viewing your body as functional has been shown to have positive effects on self-esteem

Breastfeeding is good news for the environment
See that display of formula over there? All of those cans had to be manufactured and transported to a store near you. Eventually those same materials will go in a landfill or be recycled. All of these actions will consume some of Earth's limited resources.

Breastfeeding is good news for the healthcare system
Children and adults who are more likely to get sick require more resources from our healthcare system. Higher breastfeeding rates would bring the population to a normal state of health allowing the healthcare system to focus on places it is deficient now.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how breastfeeding is good news.
» Driving me nuts-o!
Okay -- Maia is 9 months old now. For the past 2 or 3 nights, I have gotten pretty close to no sleep at all, regardless of how early I go to be or how late I stay in bed. We cosleep and it seems like for the past few nights she cannot sleep if my boob is not in her mouth. Every time I would try to shift away or change to a more comfortable position, Maia would wake up and cry until she found the boob again. Now, she doesn't do this during the day, so what's up with this? Is this some super strange, night-time only growth spurt or just some weird stage that she'll hopefully outgrow very soon? I find myself cramping very badly by the time I wake up in the morning from being forced to lay the same way basically all night. Any suggestions would be wonderful!

x-posted to a bunch of places :o)
» (No Subject)
An article from my local newspaper: http://rapidcityjournal.com/articles/2005/03/13/pmedition/news/news01.txt

Also posted to my journal.
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