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Hi all. A little update. I weaned from pumping last month and we… - Breastfeeding Evangelists

About Hi all. A little update. I weaned from pumping last month and we…

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Hi all. A little update. I weaned from pumping last month and we started in on the frozen milk a couple of weeks ago. When I began Exclusively Pumping, I was taking Paxil. Natalie was only a few weeks old and couldn't hold up her head or sit up and she didn't reach out for toys or anything. She hardly moved at all, but she did occasionally have a "tremor" or a shiver. As you might recall, she was diagnosed with a kidney disorder at 8 weeks old, and one of the symptoms was "tremor" so I never gave it any other thought. I weaned from Paxil in May.

When we started into the frozen milk, we got into the Paxil-mingled milk almost right away. Last Tuesday, Natalie started having "seizures" (we don't actually know what they are yet). Natalie is scheduled for a 23 hour EEG this coming Sunday. In the meantime, we decided to perform an experiment, and we've taken Natalie off the Paxil-milk on Sunday. We believe the seizures are less severe and less frequent than they were just a few days ago. Natalie had a Nephrology appointment today and I discussed this with her doctor and he shared a story with me.

Earlier this year he saw a baby that was having really high creatinine levels in his blood. While they were treating him, they told his mother that if he should need any pain medication, to give him Tylenol, not Advil, because Advil would make it worse. (Natalie takes Indomethacin, a prostiglandin blocker (anti-inflammatory), like Advil, for her kidney disorder). The mother told him that she had been taking Motrin while breastfeeding. He told her to stop to see if it would change anything.. Guess what, the baby's creatinine levels went back to normal. I didn't get all the details, so I can't tell you what symptoms the baby had, but the Motrin was too much for his young kidneys. I don't know if he was premature, I don't know how long the mom was taking Motrin, or what dosage. The point is, drugs are excreted in breastmilk and we don't know what the effect will be because every baby is different. Dr. Hale doesn't have exhaustive knowledge on the matter. Be CAREFUL!

BTW, Natalie seems to be having less of these seizures since we stopped the Paxil-milk. Maybe we're just seeing what we want to see, but she actually seems 50% better than last night.
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Date:November 4th, 2005 04:23 pm (UTC)
I hope your little one is doing much better!
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