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I don't know that I ever wrote an introduction. Tenzin is our… - Breastfeeding Evangelists

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I don't know that I ever wrote an introduction.

Tenzin is our (currently) 12 month old kiddo. We had a hard time at first. I'm at work full time and my husband Brian stays at home with Tenzin. Brian brings him to see me every lunch break. I pump in the morning using a pump that katieshy has loaned me for the past year. The doctor at his year checkup said to keep BF because it's very good, but that he was "falling off his growth chart" so feed him a bit more food.
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Date:September 11th, 2005 05:38 pm (UTC)
Dylan really didn't start eating solids until 10-12 mos either..he's always been on the small side, but stuck to his curve pretty much. I'm glad that the pump's been working for you! :)

Been meaning to call you..maybe we can get together today or next weekend? :)

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Date:September 11th, 2005 07:28 pm (UTC)
Hi there! My DD Emma is almost 18 months old, but I can relate to just about every you just mentioned. Emma didn't really have much of anything solid until 12 months and didn't even start eating solids on a regular basis until 13-14 months. I was told by my doc to start giving her more solids at her 12 months as her growth chart had taken a slight dip. She is definitely on the small side though--its crazy to think she is still in size 3 diapers (she first went to size 3 a year ago at 4 months!)
We are still nursing 2-3 times a day and a few more at night. Way back when I thought I would probably go until about now (18 months) but I am going to give her until probably closer to 2 years to self-wean before I decide if I want to wean her or not--it just breaks my heart to even think about weaning right now. ;)
I too had a hard time at first--so much so that I exclusively pumped for the first 10 weeks until she decided she wanted to nurse. Good for you for being so dilligent--pumping can be hard! :)
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Date:September 12th, 2005 02:05 am (UTC)
I think that around 12 months most bf babies tend to fall off their growth chart. At least 3 of mine have so far. That's when they become more active. And my children were VERY chubby when they were babies, but slimmed way down when they started running around.
My almost 13 week old son weighs just over 18lbs. He is WAY off the charts right now, just like my 3 older ones were.
Good for you for making it to 12 months and going beyond. It's one of the best things you can do for your children IMO.
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